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Live Tweeting

The assignment required live tweeting of a newsworthy event and I chose to live tweet the University of Wyoming Cowgirls basketball game versus the Idaho Vandals. The game was played at the AA in Laramie, WY and it was a blast to watch! Being able to watch the Cowgirls play before finals week was a nice way to de-stress before finals week!

The experience as a whole was fun and informative but was trying at times. The trying times were most prevalent when attempting to keep tweets truly live and in time with what was occurring during the game. Also while attempting to do the first task, being aware of spelling errors and other possible faults proved to be quite hard as well if I wanted to keep my tweets recent. Although tweeting the game live was fun the entire time and I felt even more involved with UW and as a student I felt more of a need to keep others informed when they could get to the game due to finals.

After completing this assignment and even the many others, I became more aware of how hard managing social media actually is. Knowing how many people could be relying on you to provide them with what they need to know can be an overwhelming feeling. I also learned the funner side of social media through out the assignment. Knowing I was providing news to others and seeing someone actually like my tweet filled me with excitement. Even if it was only 1 like….. The one thing I wish I could have done differently is taking photos and video for the assignment. My phone was sadly dead and I was forced to tweet on my computer and my computer does not have the adequate equipment for filming or taking photos. All in all, I wish I would have been more prepared and aware of my tools status.

In regards to Twitter and my future career, I could definitely see myself using their services to my advantage. By wanting to be a counselor, I could have my patients follow my page and share words of encouragement and motivation. I could then build an even stronger connection and presence with my clients and find more time for involvement in their lives when they need help.


Final Video Project


For the video project that Abigail, Acadia, and I worked on, we chose to reveal two different sides of the fitness world. By comparing Crossfit and conventional fitness, we were given the chance to interview Henry Jurkowski who partakes in the conventional style of fitness and Christa Munari who is a very active Crossfit athlete. Interviews were conducted at Half Acre Gym found on the University of Wyoming campus and 7220 Crossfit found locally in Laramie, Wyoming.

The experience as a whole was fun and informative. Through out the entire process, we were able to collect and edit the video with ease. The most enjoyable part of the entire experience would hands down have to be the editing portion. Being able to watch our video slowly mold into a journalistic piece of art was quite rewarding. Also this project would not have become what it is if we hadn’t used great teamwork. Our teamwork lead to a quick and solid completion of this final project. In regards to the aspects I didn’t enjoy, finding the best environment to film and be aware of your surroundings proved to be the most trying. Any sound which came up in the video was easily heard and we had to go to great lengths to rid our video of the unneeded audio and film.

The biggest surprise during this whole experience was the amount of audio our phones were able to capture and how every little sound did not go unnoticed. This statement can be proven in the end of our video when you can faintly hear myself chewing gum from time to time. Thus leading into the one thing I wish I could have done differently. Thankfully I was lucky and didn’t chew my gum the entire video but it still can be heard and I wish as a journalist I would have been more aware of myself and not just the environment when avoiding unneeded audio.

If I were to pursue a career in the journalism field, video editing and building proves to be a vital tool. Through video, journalistic stand points can be taken and people can be even more informed through visuals and I feel our visuals prove to be informing and visually pleasing. When thinking about all the uses of video, in my future career as a counselor I could see myself using video to portray different emotions to people, interactions, or more informative and give people insight to all the diverse clients I have been involved with and helped reach a state of good health.


Social Media Management Critique

The purpose of this blog post is to compare two major organization’s social media presence on different accounts including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. By comparing all accounts used by Pepsi and Coco Cola, the ineffective and effective methods will be uncovered to determine who uses social media most appropriately.

Pepsi and Coca Cola proved to be obvious choices to include in the comparison due to their presence in everyone’s life. Both organizations have fully integrated themselves into the every day lives of all consumers. This integration is due to their presence online and offline and the steps taken to ensure a single person cannot go a day without seeing their product.


When looking at every social media platform, both Pepsi and Coca Cola were found to have a presence on all of them. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola had pictures of their product involved in every day life, making consumers feel the two organizations should become a part of their day-to-day lives. To further prove this statement, online article, 7 Characteristics of a Social Media Presence reveals many strong points which all organizations should base their social media off of. The very first step states, “It Needs To Be Everywhere Your Customers Are” (7 Characteristics of a Social Media Presence). Both organizations pride themselves on the belief of being anywhere and everywhere. Later on in the article, to further prove how social media involvement is a must, it states, “Building social media influence across a few chosen social networks will deliver more value to your branding efforts” (7 Characteristics of a Social Media Presence). Both Pepsi and Coke have a presence on the major media providers many consumers spend most of their time on. By allocating all their necessary resources to the strongest social media presences, both have placed themselves in a position no consumers can avoid.

Pepsi and Coca Cola also made their message very apparent on all social media. Their message like any other major provider is making their product a part of your life. By showing pictures with famous athletes, movie stars, normal people, and so on, a need is being created for consumers to fulfill. Also by placing their product with food, at sporting events, or in every day life, Pepsi and Coke make consumers feel the need to have their product with them at all times. Both organizations attempt making consumers feel they need to have their product in their life or they wont be like everyone else who already has.

Once further analyzing Pepsi and Coca Cola’s social media presence, one can easily determine they have almost mastered their presence. All of their accounts have a different voice being presented to meet the environmental need of the account they are using. In the article, 7 Characteristics of a Social Media Presence, they list all the needed characteristics as followed:

  1. It Needs To Be Everywhere Your Customers Are
  2. Social Media Discipline
  3. It Provokes Engagement
  4. The Ideal Brand Presence Is Trend Focused
  5. It Is Driven By Visuals
  6. It Is Humane
  7. It Must Be Fun

When looking at the seven needed characteristics, any consumer can easily determine both organizations have perfected all seven. Their products are literally everywhere for consumers to see. Their social media is disciplined by posting regularly and being sure that consumers will witness their presence on any social media account. When looking at past and recent posts, both organizations will create a social media post relating to any current trend. One of the most prominent trends these two organizations use is the Super Bowl. However, they will still tailor their product to almost any trend to relate to anyone and create a need. Their entire product line relies solely on the use of visuals hoping to engrain unforgettable images into the minds of their consumers. In regards to the humane aspect of their product, Pepsi and Coke place a great deal of focus on this area due to consumer relations being their main driving force for boosting presence. The article proves this when stating, “The best brands with successful social media currency are able to add a human touch to their social media presence and interact with friends and followers as a real person would” (7 Characteristics of a Social Media Presence). Pepsi and Coke do this by showing well known people or your basic family using their product. Also their product is presented in a very fun and interesting way. By using different methods through out time, they have been able to adapt their product to make it more fun and personalized for all users. An example of this could be when Coke had names put on all their bottles to personalize their product to the consumers to create a connection. Pepsi does this by putting pro football teams on their cans to reach consumers on a more personal level.

Thanks to the social media management panel, I was able to analyze both Pepsi and Coke’s social media presence in a much more in-depth way. The panel made me aware of how crucial it is to humanize the social media, make people comfortable with your product and this can be done by building connections. By knowing this, I was able to look at the two organizations from a consumer and analyst perspective. One perspective I had never thought of and greatly aided me in this assignment was being aware of the social media worth your time. I honestly thought all major organizations made a presence on any social media. This is not always the case and Pepsi and Coke have made it a point to only make a dominant presence on dominant social media accounts.

Final Interview with Acadia Munari

Looking back on the entire audio experience, one can honestly say this entire project was a total blast. I had never edited audio until this project and it wasn’t anything I had expected it to be. By having OCD, I was able to edited down to the exact and it was very satisfying as the whole audio interview formed. Hopefully later on, I can experience more with the audio and all its aspects. I would really enjoy learning how to use sound effects to enhance the audio experience for any listener. When looking deeper into the audio when editing, I didn’t realize how tedious the whole process would be when trying to find those random sounds that needed to go. You had to actively listen and it was almost exhausting in a way to listen that intently. Although it was a great experience and I am so thankful to have a better basic understanding of audio and the editing process.

The entire experience was nothing but enjoyable for me. I never experienced anything truly trying to make me struggle. The software is super user friendly and make audio editing easy for any user. I really enjoyed how the audio would eventually mold together and sound smooth. Not knowing how to edit the audio was truly the only trying aspect of the experience. Having to decide what had to go and what stayed was hard, due to wanting to listener to get the idea of what the interview was truly about.

The biggest surprise for the entire project was how the final audio turned out in the end. I didn’t expect it to sound like it did for being a novice audio editor. That’s why I enjoy the Audacity software, due to how user friendly it is.

One thing I wish I could have done differently was getting the introduction at the beginning of the audio interview. It does flow well but there is a faint difference that can be heard. Other than that, the introduction is the only thing I wish would have gone differently. This project was an all around great experience and I hope I get the chance to edit more audio in the future.

The Rawest Raw Interview

When conducting my interview with Acadia Munari, using audio for my interview process proved to be much more difficult than expected. My question was about her experience during her internship in Washington, DC under Senator John Barrasso. When conducting an audio interview, there are so many aspects being considered like room noise, body position, microphone location, background noise, and much more. The normal interview process of listen and write is a much easier way to conduct an interview. However, the audio interview proved to be more resourceful due to every sound detail being captured. Everything Acadia had provided for me was recorded and I could go back and listen to everything she had talked about. By being able to go back to an exact point in the interview, I was able to ensure Acadia provided all the necessary information.

While interviewing Acadia, every detail she provided was much more meaningful due to my focus being on her and not taking notes while she spoke. I felt a connection with her and the story she was telling me. Everything was much more important due to being more involved with what she had to say. I could remember details she had provided after the interview and didn’t have to go back and look at notes if I had tried to copy everything she was saying.

When it became my turn to be interviewed, the process was much more involved and seemed less organized but in a good way. The audio interview made me feel more comfortable with Acadia and I felt like she was very involved with everything I had to say. Also by having the floor for the interview, I felt more could be said to capture every detail of the interview. I could say everything that came to mind and wouldnt have to worry about stopping if any information was missed.

The entire interview was very enjoyable and I didn’t experience anything to turn me away from this form of interviewing. I really enjoy the freedom of being able to go back through the entire interview to ensure I captured every detail Acadia had to offer me.

For the interview I wish I could have found a better setting to interview Acadia in. We interviewed in an empty classroom we found but there was background noise that was constant during the entire interview. I wish I could have found a quieter room for her and I to conduct the interviews, but the room we found proved to be a good resource in the end. The interview as a whole went very smoothly and Acadia was great in providing everything I needed to know.

Photos on Photos on Photos

Bleed Brown and Gold


University of Wyoming students gather in front of War Memorial while the football team is competing against Air Force on Saturday, October 8th, 2016. Students gathered in preparation for the win and massive celebration to follow.  

High in the Sky

-Non-sports Feature Photo-

Cheyenne local and avid free climber, Ross Hankins is seen leaping from one rock to another at Vedauwoo Campground on Sunday, October 9th, 2016. Hankins came up with a group of friends from Cheyenne to find new bouldering areas and a little excitement. 

A Feeling so Uncontrollable 


Sawyer Ellis attended a concert in Fort Collins on Thursday, October 6th, 2016. Ellis merely wanted to see a good performance and when the band began playing, his emotions were absorbed and he seem to just fall into the music. 

Candidate Meet and Greet

-Feature (Enterprise)-

University of Wyoming students met in the Student Union for a chance to meet candidates in this years election for Wyoming office on October 3, 2016. Students met with the candidates to ask questions in order to see which candidate met their needs the most. 

A Moment Worth Remembering

-Feature (Enterprise)-

Alexis Beets (left) and Molly Walsh (right) can’t contain their excitement for University of Wyoming’s Saturday football game. They were ready for Homecoming and all the tailgates that took place on October 8th, 2016.

Feature photos being shown in this blog post include A Moment Worth Remembering, Candidate Meet and Greet, and High in the Sky. A Moment Worth Remembering was taken out by the soccer practice fields where a group of students were partaking in the Homecoming festivities during the Wyoming/Air Force football game which took place on October 8, 2016. I was walking back to my truck to grab a drink when I saw this group who seemed to be having a blast. While photographing the event, it was different trying to stay hidden to catch a great moment. To catch this moment, I had almost given up when I saw these two having the greatest conversation and I knew I couldn’t let the moment go to waste. The creative device used in this photo is viewpoint. I was away to where the two girls couldn’t see me and their lasting moment would never be interrupted. Candidate Meet and Greet was a photo taken inside the Student Union located at the University of Wyoming on October 3, 2016. Students were given the opportunity to meet candidates running for Wyoming office in November. Students were able to ask questions and learn about who could possibly be representing Wyoming. I was able to take this photo because I was actually there to meet and ask the candidates questions for an assignment in my Political Communications class. I took the opportunity to take photos of other students interacting with the the candidates. High in the Sky was a photo taken in the Vedauwoo Campground on Sunday, October 9, 2016. Ross Hankins is an avid climber and and Cheyenne local who has like many others, made Vedauwoo his playground. On October 9, 2016, Hankins and a group of friends were searching for new bouldering areas and some fun. The photo proved to be difficult due to trying to catch the climbers at the best moment when leaping from rock to rock. When photographing Hankins, I could feel the same amount of love for climbing that they all shared. The creative device being used in this photo is framing. The two rocks bring focus onto Hankins when he is leaping into the air.

Bleed Brown and Gold was a photo I took from the stadium of a huge tailgate taking place in front of War Memorial on October 8, 2016. Students were gathering to celebrate the win and an end to a great homecoming football game. The photo was probably the least difficult out of them all due to the distance between me and the tailgate. However it is a great photo due to showing how much students come together during football games and how much Laramie cares for it’s team. The creative device being used in the photo is viewpoint. Due to me being farther away and having a view of the tailgate building more and more.

A Feeling so Uncontrollable was a photo captured in Fort Collins, CO on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at a random concert. I had never met Sawyer Ellis before but the emotions he was feeling during the concert were quite rare. He came to the concert out of random for a good time and he definitely found that and more. This photo proved to be quite difficult due to trying to capture the right emotions and the lighting in the venue. With much trial and error, I was able to finally capture the best photo with the best light. The creative device being used in this photo would have to be color. The lights on the stage and around the entire building made Ellis appear purple, however the photo did still turn out quite well.

What surprised me most about the assignment was how difficult it was to capture a photo in the moment without ruining that person’s moment, if that makes any sense. The one thing I wish I could have done differently is taking more photos. The Candidate Meet and Greet photo wasn’t the best idea for feature photo. Next time I will manage my time better and be sure to capture the best photos.

Creatively Creative

WyHoming – Sunsets in Wyoming are something no one should take for granted. These sunsets will leave anyone speechless, especially the ones in Laramie, WY.
Texture upon Texture – A more in depth look at all the parts of a pine tree. Everything seems so normal until we look deeper.
Growth – A tree found on the University of Wyoming campus jetting into the sky.
Soaking in the Sun – Lonely bee trying to taking in as much sun and honey before the harsh Laramie winter moves in.
Finding your Way – Coe Library provides an endless amount of resources for us to find our way in this world.

For the WyHoming photo, the most dominant creative device being seen is the use of color. The colors and just how the sky is forming is what will catch the viewers eyes and truly bring them in. The color of the photo makes it so aesthetically- pleasing because views and colors like these bring people back. A photo like this will be able to uncover feelings from a past experience.

Texture upon Texture has the creative device being used in its title. Texture is obviously the most dominant creative device found in this photo. The texture of the pine needles make the viewer want to feel and hold the needles so they can see if the picture feels as it looks. This picture will catch any viewers eye due to no one really considering how pine needles look at a much closer viewpoint. The texture of this photo is pleasing due to the depth the photo goes into. The viewer is able to see almost every detail and become lost in all the detail being provided.

Growth uses a creative device known as cropping. Cropping in this photo is being used to create focus on the growth of the tree and trying to illustrate how growth takes nothing but time. Looking up the tree into the branches and seeing how much is growing on this tree gives the viewer this perspective. The picture will catch a viewers eye due to the amount of detail that can be seen and the amount of change the tree has been through. This idea will create a connection with the viewer in showing how time is such a dominant force in anything. This photo is aesthetically-pleasing because of the deeper message hidden within.

Soaking in the Sun uses the creative device focus to lure its viewers in. By putting focus on the bee, people are immediately drawn to it. Everything around the bee is somewhat blurry to ensure this. By keeping the bee as the main focus, people will notice more detail about the bee and what exactly its purpose is. This makes an aesthetically-pleasing photo due to the color of the bee and the focus being given to it. There are bright colors through out the photo for the background but once focus is placed on the center of the photo, viewers will be able to notice all the more that the photo has to offer.

Finding your Way uses leading lines aspect of creative devices. The book shelves lead to the end of our education, to the light at the end of the tunnel. By using this idea, the viewer wants to see what is at the end of the photo. This is where the creativeness of the photo comes into play. One can easily see that there isn’t anything at the end accept for the light coming through the windows. However, all the books in the shelves represent how knowledge is preparing us for the unknown. This photo is aesthetically pleasing due to everyone person who has ever been in college knowing what the journey is like. Revealing how this picture speaks more words than showing something.

When looking more into the photos, one can determine that there are other creative devices at work. For most of the photos, texture can be seen through out. Texture can be seen in Finding our Way and Growth. Both photos have a focal point on the characteristics of the photo. In Growth, it is on the bark of the tree leading to the branches. In Finding our Way, it can be seen in the carpet which can catch a person’s eye from time to time. However, other than these two photos, the rest seem to be more focused on one creative device to capture the viewer. By realizing this, one can only wish there were more prominent creative devices in these photos. Although the photos did turn out the way they were intended.

While taking all these photos to find the perfect five, there were some struggles encountered. By using a smartphone to capture these moments, some of the color and resolution was lost by not having a professional camera. Also finding the perfect place to find the needed photos was a challenge as well. The University of Wyoming does have a beautiful campus but it proved challenging to take a photo that someone else had already taken. The most trying part of this post would have to be finding photos that used a specific creative device or multiple. One thing that could have been done differently to find better photos would be venturing out into another place other than UW. Finding a place that had more to offer for what I was looking for in my photos.


Martin Barber Company

Two Brothers

Nowadays, when a man goes to get a haircut, the entire process seems to be more of a chore than an experience. It has become something we dread more than we look forward to. Luckily a local barber shop located at 306 South 3rd St has made it their goal to change this perception. Two brothers located here in Laramie, WY., are taking strides in reviving an older trade to show men in Laramie tradition and time looks much better than something rushed and normal. Andrew and Sam Martin worry more about the quality of their work over the quantity. Building relationships with their clientele rather than shuffling them out the door.

Priding themselves on the belief of tradition, class, and manliness, these two brothers will have you looking like the bell of the ball when they are finished.

Shaping the Shave

Sam and Andrew attended The Barber School located in Midvale, UT., that was started by an 89-year-old traditional barber.

“He saw that barbering was kind of dying and he needed to pass on a tradition,” Sam explained.

By instilling this belief into all of his students like Sam and Andrew, something so forgotten is becoming remembered and a form of art.

To perfect their art, the two brothers focus just as much time and energy on their clients as they do their craft. Both brothers are trying to build a relationship with the customers, rather than seeming like a robot cutting hair. Their establishment is breaking the boundary between the idea of client and slave.

Andrew elaborated on this more when saying, “A great haircut is only 30 percent of the whole experience. Its customer service and being a good person that separates you.”

Capturing Customers

Regular client and believer Josh Langford, makes it a point of coming into Martin Barber Company every two weeks to stay clean cut. Langford has made Martin Barber Company part of his routine due to how they present themselves and the quality of their work.

Langford provided the needed insight when saying, “I love coming here, its really relaxing. There is nothing as relaxing as a razor sharp blade.”

Due to the amount of focus and time that goes into building relationships with clients, Sam and Andrew reveal yet another aspect of their barber shop that sets them apart from other places. Making it a point of showing they care about everyone who comes through their door. Realizing that every client is different and each of them have an ideal look that they can find for them. Building trust with their clients every time they come back until eventually, a friendship blossoms.

They are able to build such strong relationships that people will come into the shop and talk to the two brothers about certain aspects of their life that could be good or bad. Being able to share parts of your life with someone you just met is rare to find. By being very good with communicating, people will eventually find themselves trusting their barber more than anyone else.

Still Cant Get Enough?

If you are needing to know more about these brothers and their business, they can be found on most social media. They have a Facebook pageMartin Barber Company – Facebook Page, Instagram, and their very own websiteMartin Barber Co.  providing even more information. On all the platforms the Martins are on, they provide pictures of clients they have cut, prices, business hours and much more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Experience as a Whole

Sam and Andrew Martin were beyond welcoming when asking to sit in the shop with them for an hour or so. Being able to experience first-hand what a day in the shop is like, is something to cherish. Everything they shared with me was true in every way. Even with me not being a customer at that point-in-time, Sam and Andrew were able to make me feel beyond welcomed. They were willing to take time out of their extremely busy schedule to talk to me.

After looking further into everything gathered from this experience, the Martin Barber Company is a one of a kind business that will be making tremendous strides in reviving a trade that has left so many places.

To bring an end to our interaction, Sam Martin had one last comment that truly illustrated how much they care about what they do.

“Turning on your clippers and cutting hair isn’t going to be something that lasts very long, it’s the people, not the hair.”


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